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More Than 1,000 Women Protest Alleged Insult Of Governor Kawira Mwangaza

All activities of buying and selling in Meru county came into a standstill after more than one thousand women turned wild.

The huge group went around the whole town questioning the Njuri Ncheke and the authority for turning a blind eye to alleged insult of governor Kawira.


The women alleged that the member of Parliament of Tigania East, Mpuru Aburi had insulted the Meru county Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

The women said that the insults were not only to the governor but also to all women in the county. They said that they will not cease protesting until the MP is summoned and punished for insulting the governor.

The police were yet to respond to this matter by the time this article was being published. Meanwhile, in Kericho Finlay’s tea farm, more security officers have been deployed following the yesterday’s attack of rowdy youths who invaded the farm.

They were over 200 men who left 6 police officers injured. The rowdy youths wanted to harvest tea and they don’t own then farm. More follows and I will keep on updating you. Please follow me.


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