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Miguna Breaks Silence After Canada Dismissed CS Mitua’s ‘Employment Deal’ as Fake; Alleges This

Controversial lawyer and politician, Miguna Miguna, has broken his silence following the dismissal by the Canadian government of claims made by Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua regarding an alleged “employment deal” between Kenya and Canada.

However, the Canadian government swiftly denied the existence of any such employment deal, categorically stating that the claims made by Mutua were baseless and untrue. The denial came as a blow to Mutua, who had been vocal in his support for the alleged agreement.

In response to the Canadian government’s dismissal of the employment claims by CS Mutua, Miguna Miguna took to Twitter to express his views alleging that Foreign Affairs is not Cobra Squad. He wrote, “Foreign Affairs is not Cobra Squad!”

Miguna’s statement not only refuted the allegations made by Mutua but also emphasized the need for proper diplomatic channels and procedures to be followed in such matters.

The lawyer, known for his outspoken nature, has been involved in various political controversies in the past and has often been critical of the Kenyan government.


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