Meet Uhuru’s Former Right-hand Woman Who Has Made History In Ruto’s Government

Meet Uhuru's Former Right-hand Woman Who Has Made History In Ruto's Government

Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire who is also UDA party chairperson (Photo Courtesy)

Before their bitter fallout, former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire were very close allies. But in 2020, the two political buddies fell out with each one going their own roots!

At the height of their political friendship, Mbarire was a member of the Uhuru inner circle. In the last Parliament, the former Runyenjes MP served as National Assembly deputy majority whip. After Uhuru’s purge, the one-time Nominated MP was removed from her position.

It was then that she found a new home in UDA, the party that Dr Ruto used as his political vehicle in his quest to become President in 2022.

Mbarire vied for Embu Governor a second time after a failed bid in 2017 and won on a UDA party ticket.

During the nomination of UDA, she was picked as the new UDA party chairperson to replace former Machakos senator Johnston Muthama who was recently nominated by President Ruto for a slot in the Parliamentary Service Commission as a Commissioner.

By becoming the chairperson of the ruling party, Mbarire is the first woman in the history of Kenya to occupy the position.

Yes, being the chairperson of a ruling party is no mean achievement for this political top achiever!

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