Kenya Kwanza Leaders Plead To Uhuru Kenyatta, Urge Him To Do This One Thing To Ruto

Kenya Kwanza Leaders Plead To Uhuru Kenyatta, Urge Him To Do This One Thing To Ruto

It was a chilly morning in Nairobi, the kind of morning that makes you want to stay snuggled in bed under the warmth of your blankets. But for the millions of Kenyans across the country, this was a day of hope, anticipation and most importantly, democracy.

The much-contested 2022 presidential elections had finally come to an end and the results were out. William Ruto had emerged as the winner, with a comfortable lead over his closest rival. As expected, the country was ecstatic. People danced, sang and chanted slogans in support of the new President.

But as the hours passed, it became increasingly clear that there was something amiss. There was no sign of President Uhuru Kenyatta anywhere, no speech, no statement, no congratulatory message. This was unusual, to say the least. In previous elections, the sitting President had always congratulated the winner, regardless of their party affiliation.

Speculations began to arise about what could be the cause of President Uhuru’s silence. Some speculated that it was a deliberate snub, while others suggested that he might be ill. Nonetheless, the people were left in the dark, unsure of what was happening in State House.


Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, but still, no word came from President Uhuru. Ruto, on the other hand, was busy setting up his administration and putting his agenda into motion. It was almost as if he was acting as the President without an official declaration.

As time went by, the Kenyan people began to lose patience with President Uhuru. He was no longer the popular figure he once was. His silence had been seen as a sign of disrespect towards the democratically elected President.

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