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Ichungwah Breaks His Silence On Ruto’s Ruthless Purge on Corruption

The Kikuyu member of Parliament who is also the majority leader in the National Assembly Kimani has affirmed that members of Parliament support Ruto in the fight against corruption. Ichungwah has congratulated Ruto for showing by actions that his fight against corruption is intact and solid.


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It’s clear to Ichungwah that president Ruto must not fear firing his allies and friends involved in corruption. It’s clear to Ichungwah that public resources must be protected by all means possible in order to ensure that Kenyans have value for money.

Ichungwah statement comes amidst reports that president Ruto is set to fire a CS who was involved in the poisonous sugar deal. It’s obvious that Ruto is not speaking about corruption anymore but he going by actions like what happened in Kemsa, KEBS and KRA.

Ichungwah has maintained that his agenda in Parliament is to ensure that Ruto’s ruthless fight against corruption succeeds. It’s obvious that impunity in public service must be dealt with ruthlessly and effectively and that’s what Ruto is doing.

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