“I Will Take Responsibility If Implicated In Kemsa Scandal” CS Nakhumicha Says


The Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Health Susan Nakhumicha has affirmed that she knows the back stops with her in the Ministry. She is clear that if she will be implicated in the Kemsa scandal, she is ready to resign even before she is fired by president William Ruto.

Here is a link: https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/realtime/2023-05-17-i-will-take-responsibility-if-implicated-in-graft-cs-wafula/



Susan Wafula has affirmed that she has not resigned from the Ministry of Health because she has not been implicated. She affirms that her move to fire Kemsa board came after internal audit of what exactly happened in the procurement of malaria nets for the global fund.

CS Nakhumicha is firm that she is clean and that’s why she has invited EACC to conduct a through audit of what exactly happened in Kemsa. She is firm that the government of Kenya will use all means possible to ensure that no money gets lost.

It’s obvious that president Ruto has already fired the PS Ministry of health and as well issued warnings to other government institutions. Whether Susan Nakhumicha will put his words into paper and resign if implicated, let’s wait and see.

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