” I Will Increase More Taxes To Deliver Development” Ruto Affirms


President William Ruto has affirmed Kenyans are asking him for development and for that reason they must be ready to pay taxes. The president has maintained that his government will only do developments if more taxes are paid by the citizens.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/Kenyans/status/1659948341248098306?t=zI-DrIjhvfgPggY4FwMONw&s=19


President Ruto has maintained that his government will focus on issues and that add value to Citizens and that’s why he is focused in unceasing taxes. The president has affirmed that Kenyans must tighten their belts for it’s clear that he has started his job.

This means that Kenyans are going to pay more taxes going forward if they want development. The president has remained focused on matters taxes and he has vowed to ensure that everyone pays what’s due to government.

Ruto has maintained that those don’t want development should keep off his agenda to raise taxes. He has made it clear that the finance Bill 2023 must pass in Parliament if his government must succeed.

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