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“Huyu Ni Deputy Senator” Karen Nyamu Says After Sharing Video Of Her Daughter With Samidoh

Karen Nyamu is a Kenyan politician, a city lawyer and a social media influencer who has moved from grass to fame through hard work and determination within the shortest period of time. Her romantic relationship with Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh Muchoki made her more popular where they sired two children together.

During the 2022 general elections Karen Nyamu was heavily pregnant and despite that she was campaigning for president William Samoei Ruto without fear. As a result of this, president William Ruto nominated to senate to represent Nairobi youths and women after they won the elections.

She posted her on Instagram some hours ago naming the child she got during the campaign a bottom up child saying now she is walking and talking. She went ahead and thanked God for his grace and giving her the children. One of her followers said the child did more campaign than her mother Karen Nyamu.

Karen replied on this saying the child is her deputy senator since they did the campaigns together. Another fan commented saying that the child will be someone’s 3rd wife which Karen disagreed with.23f48ac4bcb845e78e137394592a4b22?quality=uhq&resize=720fac54aeb5109493fb9b4a9a802f3c062?quality=uhq&resize=7208e1456aa547a4f63bfb9c5d05cd69579?quality=uhq&resize=720

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