How Raila Odinga Quickly Bought Mukami Kimathi a House In Kajiado Before Are Her Death

How Raila Odinga Quickly Bought Mukami Kimathi a House In Kajiado Before Are Her Death

Hon. Philip Etale has said that the former prime minister Hon Raila Odinga bought a house for late Mukami Kimathi and handed over the keys to her last month before her death.

“Field Marshal Eloise Mukami Kimathi was laid to rest yesterday after 96 years of many feelings. A feeling for an independent and free Kenya, a feeling for a sovereign state, a feeling for love with her better half Dedan Kimathi, a feeling for motherhood and parenting, a feeling for loneliness after the brutal murder of her husband, a feeling for suffering, humiliation (in detention), despair, homelessness and sickness. She braved all this as a Field Marshal, a woman who among other women worth the title joined men in the bush to fight for out independence. 

She was returned to the soil and to her make a day to Mother’s Day, a day when children celebrate their mother’s for their love and care.


During the funeral in Njabini in Kinangop Constituency, thousands of people including political leaders thronged the small, under-developed village to celebrate the life and times of this great woman. 

Speeches were made and leaders made promises as others including the local Senator Methu and Governor Badilisha Kiarie solicited for development from the Government. Hon. Rigathi Gachagua, in his usual postering bravado and braggadocio never said anything he has/or had done for Mama Mukami or any of the Mau Mau veterans who mostly live a miserable life and in abject poverty.


But what touched the hearts of many mourners was Hon. Raila Odinga’s disclosure of how when he visited Mama Mukami in Korogocho saw how she was suffering. Mama put only one request to him in the presence of her daughters and other family members, that if he can, he should relocate her to a descent home. 


Baba, bring a caring human being and who never likes showing off what he does for people, sent some of her family members to identify a nice house to buy. Yes, they did exactly that and found one nicely built house with a spacious compound in Kajiado County. Baba paid for the house and last month, handed the family, keys to the house. It was a promise. Her daughters and sons acknowledged this by nodding their heads in approval of the disclosure as mourners cheered wildly. 


He also spoke of how the family approached him when Mama Mukami’s grandson Dedan Kimathi Jnr was flying out of the country for studies in India. He gave money for the trip and kept in touch with the young man. That was 23 years ago. Unfortunately, upon completion of studies and was preparing to return home, Kimathi Jnr was involved in a road accident in India and died.

It is not who give in public that make an impact, it is those who give in silence that touch the souls of many, quietly”. Said Hon. Philip Etale.

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