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“Hii Ni Serikali Gani?” Rift Valley Residents Say as They Cry Out Over Ruto’s Govt

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President William Ruto has now been called by his Rift Valley residents to come to their aid over the hard economic situation in the country while saying that they expected the Ruto led government to help them out when they came out during the last general elections to vote him in.

Sitet residents, Tinderet Constituency in Nandi County are not a happy lot especially with the Finance Bill proposal to increase the fuel levy to 16%.

The residents lamented that should the government proceed with the plan and effect the new proposal, then, it would badly affect the price of goods.

“But if they will increase the price of fuel, then the government will be making life difficult for us who are low income earners. It seems this government is only working for the wealthy..” Joel Kilel said.


On his part, Samson Metto, a resident also of Sitet wondered if this was the government they chose to fight for the hustlers.

“Tunashangaa…hati tunajiambia tuko Kwa Serikali. Tukiambiwa tuko kwa serikali, hii ni Serikali gani? Kwa sababu Serikali ya Ruto, hatukutarajia ikue hivi. Hii imekuwa rough sana na imezidi.” (We are wondering, that we are telling ourselves we are in government. What kind of government is this? We didn’t expect Ruto’s government to turn out this way. It is has become more rough).

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