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Here’s What Kenyans Told Mudavadi After He Instructed Uhuru To Shift From His Party And Support Ruto

Speaking today, Musalia Mudavadi sent a critical memo to the former president, Uhuru Kenyatta, in terms of guidance, telling him that now is the time for him to support the current regime, administered by Ruto.

In the statement Musalia made, he told Uhuru that, as a credible leader, he should come to a straight conclusion and gallop away from the people who may end up humiliating him.

According to Musalia Mudavadi, Uhuru Kenyatta is not presumed to be in the party that is full of confrontations; instead, he should shift and support Ruto’s regime, which has a proposal to boost and enrich the living standards of Kenyans.

“Jubilee is not a party that a favourable person like Uhuru should be in as many disputes ensue every moment and the one who doubts lands on is Uhuru and not any other person from the party, then it will be pledging effort if he will unite with us in UDA to serve together,” Musalia said.

Following his remarks, Musalia said that Uhuru should lend his position to other members of the party and enrol in the UDA, as Jubilee allies have nothing competent they can do but upset him.

However, the remarks that Musalia Mudavadi made resulted in mixed reactions on social media. Following up on some of the comments left by Kenyans, I conclude that Uhuru Kenyatta should make the decision himself and not be instructed by other leaders.

Others said that Musalia Mudavadi has no right to tell the former president what he should commit, and being in the Jubilee can’t bring any disgrace on him.66057559489e4072b408d85559c63c68?quality=uhq&resize=7200604a1f4a8fd4a61a80b8db73a70b175?quality=uhq&resize=72013d26042d240407da022e0f32cdb4c06?quality=uhq&resize=720f7d10491c4d5450ba2d0d85c15c8b38f?quality=uhq&resize=72072d4e097aef0456183f015ab1436c853?quality=uhq&resize=720

However, in your opinion, do you think Uhuru can shift from his party and enrol in the UDA? Share and comment.

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