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Fresh Details Alleging What President Ruto Told His Cabinet Few Hours After Firing Health PS

According to a source with knowledge of the discussions, President William Ruto discussed corruption following the KEMSA incident during today’s cabinet meeting.

Oliver Mathenge gave details of the cabinet meeting and said that the head of state had warned his cabinet that corruption and resource waste would not be tolerated by his government. 

“President William Ruto fired a stern warning at his Cabinet during a meeting at State House today, stating that corruption and resource wastage will not be tolerated in his government,” said Oliver Mathenge.


Because of allegations of corruption within the company, the President of the State had just a few hours earlier fired the CEO, PS Health, and the whole KEMSA Board.

Then the President appointed new members, a new chairperson, and a new CEO.

As the leader of the country got ready to go for South Africa, the cabinet meeting was convened.

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