Fresh Claims Indicate What Uhuru Could Be Doing Underground That’s Might Hurt President Ruto Badly

Fresh Claims Indicate What Uhuru Could Be Doing Underground That's Might Hurt President Ruto Badly

Despite President William Ruto and Kenya Kwanza Government’s continued creation of a perception that most of its pre-electio promises have either been fulfilled or are on their way of getting done, political pundits who have this morning spoken to the Sunday Nation have expressed their worst fears in regards to move by former president Uhuru Kenyatta to remain active in Politics.

According to the report by the local publication, the pundits have claimed that the former president Uhuru Kenyatta could be concentrating on the failures of Kenya Kwanza Alliance by making Kenyans perceive Ruto and Kenya Kwanza Government as failure who shouldn’t be trusted with any kind of leadership, all this (maybe) aimed at making Ruto a one-term President.4f30c1877e94424cacc19b844b7bb803?quality=uhq&resize=720Political analysts now fear that the retired president is working underground to capitalize on the failures of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government while maintaining links with Mr Odinga to craft a comeback strategy aimed at making President Ruto a one term president.

“The biggest challenge is on the president himself to look for the best route that can guarantee him political survival both for now and when seeking a second term,” Nation Reports.a498ccecefd94b9c9f071b87b1a824c5?quality=uhq&resize=720

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