End Of An Era For The Son Of Ex-Powerful Minister And ODM Chairman After Failed Political Gamble

End Of An Era For The Son Of Ex-Powerful Minister And ODM Chairman After Failed Political Gamble

Former Emgwen MP Alex Kosgey ( Photo Courtesy).

In 2013, an interesting political spectre unfolded in Nandi County as father and son ran for elective politics on different political parties.

The then Tinderet MP and ODM party national chairman Henry Kosgey ran for Nandi Senator position on an ODM party ticket while his son, Alex Kosgey ran for the Emgwen MP seat.

When the final results were announced, the senior Kosgey had lost to Stephen Sang of URP while Alex was easily elected as Emgwen MP.

In 2017, almost the same scenario replicated as both father and son once again went through different routes. This time round, Henry ran for Nandi Governor seat but lost to Sang while Alex decided to defend his Emgwen MP seat.

Henry, the long serving Tinderet MP and a one-time powerful minister, would later announce his retirement from elective politics. But as for Alex, he was ready to continue serving the people.

In 2022, he joined the race for Nandi Senator position. A key ally of the then Deputy President William Ruto, Alex joined the bitter battle for the United Democratic Alliance party ticket. But against the incumbent senator Samson Cherargei, it was not going to be a walk in the park for him.


Alex Kosgey, the son of Ex-Powerful Minister and former ODM party chairman, Henry Kosgey (Photo Courtesy)

Kosgey found the going tough during UDA party nominations after being whitewashed by Cherargei who would go on to win the Nandi Senator position with a landslide.

Now finding himself in the political cold as his father who has been in the same situation since 2013, could this be the end of Alex Kosgey’s political adventure?

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