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Ekuru Aukot Pokes Holes Into Ruto’s Affordable Housing Program, Reveals Gov’t Failure In Priorities

Speaking in an interview this morning with Citizen TV, form Presidential Candidate Dr. Ekuru Aukot has poked holes into Ruto’s Affordable Housing Program terming the entire decision by the Kenya Kwanza Government as failure by the regime to get its priorities right and in order.According to Dr. Ekuru Aukot, the priority of the Government to take housing as the main agenda when Kenyans are battling other major problems is a misplaced agenda.

“This Government is not getting its priorities right, who told them that Kenyans have a problem with housing, the priorities are completely wrong.” Stated Dr. Ekuru Aukot.

In his message to the Government, Dr Ekuru Aukot has urged the Government to rather put energy of the things that matter and deal especially with the corruption menace in the country before rather than focusing on things that will not help Kenyans immediately.

According to Dr. Ekuru Aukot, the Government needs to demystify the discussion about corruption and deal with theft so that the nations doesn’t plunge into another major scandal in the name of collecting money from Kenyans. Also watch the video using the link below and share your thoughts about what you think convenient the sentiment by Ekuru Aukot;

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