Details Finally On What Ruto Is Secretly Doing To Kenyans As Raila’s Top Ally Reveals Worrying News

Details Finally On What Ruto Is Secretly Doing To Kenyans As Raila's Top Ally Reveals Worrying News

The high cost of living could rise soon after a new finance bill was passed by parliament, as a Raila ally revealed how President Ruto is currently hacking Kenyan taxpayers’ money.  

Hon John Mbadi said Ruto’s appointment as CAS is a ruse to pocket the money of Kenyans by rewarding loyalists. When the economy goes down, Hon Mbadi revealed that the Head of State will not cut the cost of living, he will get CAS positions. b70d2a2477ac408ba31a0ea3b61f972e?quality=uhq&resize=720

The worrying news is that with the economy shrinking daily and the cost of living increasing, Hon Mbadi said it is not advisable for the president to create new posts. 

As Kenyans, we can also say that if President Ruto wants to run the government smoothly, he should first lower the life jacket. This is how he achieves the removal of the extra places he created. As a country, we have more civil servants who can oversee ministries. The position of CAS puts too much burden on Kenyans in terms of salaries, allowances and more.

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