Chief Guest To Address The Jubilee NDC Meeting Named, With A List Of Other Members Highlighted

Chief Guest To Address The Jubilee NDC Meeting Named, With A List Of Other Members Highlighted

The political animosity between the two factions claiming authority over the Jubilee party is being escalated to another level with now Kenyatta’s sect saying even with the cancellation of Bomas as their meeting place they’ll still hold their NDC meeting.9bd5ec5ee0e14f9d8c85ac12a6b65805?quality=uhq&resize=720

The Kioni’s group has said that despite governments move to close various public locations, there was a back up plan in securing different private venues within Nairobi and the NDC schedule the coming Monday would still be in place.

While Kanini Kega and Sabina Chege appear to the new gave of Jubilee, Jeremiah Kioni and David Murathe have indicated through previous statements that’s it’s only through the oncoming NDC meeting that they’ll iron out their issues and kick out whomever they see as unfit for the party’s agenda.a63a55341ac74fc48742fdbdc390fee7?quality=uhq&resize=720

After they’ve pledge allegiance to president William Ruto’s administration various jubilee elected leaders already kick-started underground procedures to dissociate the party from Azimio led by Nakuru West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama.

While this is happening, the opposite and contrary to opposers beliefs would be happening in the NDC meeting. A list of top political movers in the country have been named to attend the meeting on Monday.8ef8e1cf1db047ef87ed0db9148dddfe?quality=uhq&resize=720

With former president Uhuru Kenyatta expected to grace the event other top tier Azimio coalition leaders have also been invited keeping in mind these are members from different political parties.b2088e30d85e4cd3a14af58eae85af78?quality=uhq&resize=720

Raila Odinga from ODM is said to be the Chief guest while Kalonzo Muysoka Martha Karua being the top Azimio leadership that’ll be backing Kenyatta on a mission that’s themed at recovering his party.



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