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Billow Kerrow: The Finance Bill 2023 Paints A Bleak Future For All Kenyans

As Kenyans continue to debate over the finance bill 2023 which is being pushed by the government through the National Treasury, Economists and politician Billow Kerrow, has differed with leader of Majority in the National Assembly Hon Kimani Ichung’wah who has been defending it.

Former Mandera county senator Billow Kerrow in a past function. Photo/Courtesy

The Kikuyu constituency member of parliament in his Defence for the bill told of critics especially the opposition claiming that there are some of the provisions in the bill that have got potential to lower the cost of living.

The Kikuyu constituency Lawmaker cited the exemption of Value Added Tax on Cooking gas and fertilizer, the 3% house levy, the Zero rating on Unga as some of the ways through which the bill is good for the country.

However, the former Mandera county senator told of Ichung’wah noting that he has gone through the bill and it has no any benefit for the common Citizens. The former senator senator claimed that the bill paints a bleak future for all Kenyans

“Unless there is another Finance Bill 2023 the Majority Leader is referring to, the one I have paints a bleak future for all Kenyans.” The former Mandera county senator posted on his official Twitter handle.

Already former prime minister Raila Odinga declared that they are fully opposed to the bill and announced that should the Kenya Kwanza side goes ahead and pass the bill forcefully then they will be forced to go back to the people and hold Demonstrations against the Government.

Those opposed to the bill feel that it will make life harder as the economy of the country is already bad.4489fba11486408f9b72da36abda139c?quality=uhq&resize=720


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