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Afadhali Uhuru, we Regret, Nandi Hustlers Cries Out Saying their Own is ‘Killing’ them With Hunger

The tough economic times seems not to be sparing anyone and things are becoming difficult for every Kenyan despite where you voted in the last year’s general election. When William Ruto was campaigning for the top job, he made numerous promises that he will change the lives of Kenyans by lowering the cost of living and help the low mwanaichi have a decent live.

Seven months down the line, things seems to be far from reality at life is now becoming more unbearable than it was in the previous regime. From the high cost of electricity, high cost of basic commodities, and the UN imaginable high taxation that are being proposed by the Ruto government, Kenyans should prepare for tough times ahead.207928d1eb394310aa693bcdc9a216fd?quality=uhq&resize=720

The tax proposals in specific have raise tension in Kenya with citizens questioning why the government in on a tax spree without considering the hard economic times. Most Kenyans have faulted the Kenya Kwanza government for the proposals that are likely going to make lives unbearable going forward.

Just the other day, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) made an announcement of increasing the fuel prices which saw the price skyrocket between sh 3 to sh 16. This has caused some commotion among Kenya with most calling out the president to have a second thought of the same. In Nandi County for instance, locals took to the streets where they called out the president for looking down on them amidst hunger and hard times.fc4f19829fe04941954008a5064b484a?quality=uhq&resize=720

The residents who were speaking to a local media house said that they elected William Ruto hoping that he was one of them and a real hustler who understands their needs but are now shocked that he’s the same making their lives unbearable. They even said that things were better during the Uhuru’s administration and that they regret voting him.

Below is the video link of the Nandi Hustlers saying that they regret voting William Ruto as president;


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