“That Flashy Girl You Think Have Countless Number Of Men Might Not Even Have One” – Angela Eguavoen


Angela Eguavoen, a renowned Nollywood actress, recently responded to a fan on Instagram who expressed the perception that flashy lifestyles of actors imply they are not committed to one person. Eguavoen took to her Instagram story to address this sentiment and revealed that the assumption of a flashy person having multiple partners may not be accurate.


She emphasized that faithfulness is not determined by whether someone is a public figure or not. Eguavoen explained that being a public figure or having something to lose necessitates additional caution and care. She requested the fan to reconsider their perspective.

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5b460322005d4b6f972d8774796fe80f?quality=uhq&resize=720The fan had initially stated on her Instagram story, “Because of their flashy lifestyles, we always think they are not committed to one person.” Eguavoen responded by stating, “That flashy girl you think has numerous men may not even have one. Being a public figure or having something to lose requires extra care. Kindly reconsider your mindset.”

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With her talent and widespread recognition, the actress has garnered a substantial following on social media, solidifying her position as a notable figure among her fans.

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