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Swanky knows why he is not speaking to me – Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia, a prominent Nollywood actress, has disclosed that her best friend and celebrated couturier, Swanky Jerry, no longer maintains communication with her.

While being interviewed by Nadia in the media, the actress shared this revelation amidst the second installment of the Young, Famous, and African Reality” program.

b5c0822d29f1487c814530a8cd16412c?quality=uhq&resize=720Idibia stated that Swanky distanced himself from her due to apprehensions that her controversies could adversely affect his reputation and business.

Overwhelmed with emotions, the actress expressed her sorrow, emphasizing that Swanky held exclusive knowledge as to why he stopped communicating with her.

41ca262f6f214df991cdd0da5c0636b5?quality=uhq&resize=720Annie remarked, “The reason behind Swanky’s silence remains known only to him. Perhaps it revolves around my involvement in numerous scandals.”

I noticed that he was reluctant to be associated with me. He may desire to disassociate himself from me owing to the widespread attention garnered by the news platforms. Hence, he might have believed that my reputation could tarnish his brand.

1745ff2ec57146e0b4991497f48960e6?quality=uhq&resize=720Annie Idibia made headlines recently when she voiced her dissatisfaction with her spouse, 2face Idibia, who made a contentious statement regarding men who engage in infidelity with women they hold no affection for.

2baba, during a conversation with his wife and other prominent celebrities in the fourth episode, affirmed that men stray from their committed partners with women they lack genuine feelings for due to the autonomy of their reproductive organs.

043b203979e94235bdd36e62618232ce?quality=uhq&resize=720Annie seethed, “Are you speaking in broad terms or referring to yourself? Is that a reflection of what you will do or just a belief?” 2face Idibia responded, “It’s my personal belief.”

Nonetheless, Annie Idibia, who attentively heard her spouse express his viewpoint on the matter of infidelity, admitted she was devastated upon hearing him utter those words.

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