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Saint Obi’s Final Words With Me Before His Death – Film Producer, Zeb Ejiro

The late actor Obinna Nwafor, best known by his stage as Saint Obi, had a talk with renowned Nigerian film director and producer Zeb Ejiro soon before his tragic demise.

Since Saint Obi placed a premium on family life, Ejiro argued that the failure of his marriage was a major factor in his untimely demise.

When asked by Vanguard, Ejiro explained that Saint Obi broke down emotionally due to being apart from his family.


His statement reads, “Obi has told me on multiple occasions that he is deeply troubled by the state of his marriage.” He was a devoted father and husband who enjoyed nothing more than spending time with his family.

However, the breakup of his marriage had a significant impact on him, and he never got over the shock, which contributed to his untimely death.

Being away from loved ones can have a devastating effect on a man. No man ever wants to wake up in that situation and be content. As a result, this contributed greatly to his demise.

Zeb Ejiro revealed that two weeks before his death, Saint Obi called him and told him about his protracted illness.

The call came two weeks before his untimely demise, and he recalled it thusly: “I received a call from Saint Obi. Everyone seemed to be looking for him, so I asked if anyone had seen him recently. Then he told me he’d been sick and admitted to the hospital.

The director went on to say that despite numerous operations, his condition had not improved. His older sister stepped up to the plate and arranged for his relocation to Jos, where she knew he would receive proper medical attention.

Despite my assurances that I will get in touch with him again, it was our last exchange. But I broke my word since the next thing I heard was that Obi had died.


Zik Zulu Okafor, a film producer, recently wrote an article about how actor Saint Obi’s marriage affected his network and career.

It’s worth noting that after Ada Ameh passed away, Zeb Ejiro also shared his feelings. The veteran film producer claims that his involvement in the 1996 picture Domitila was instrumental in beginning Ada’s career.

At the celebration hosted by the stars of the hit Africa Magic series The Johnsons, he made these statements.

In his eulogy for Ada Ameh, he admitted that he was nothing more than a tool God used to make her a celebrity.

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