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Saint Obi: Failed marriage led to his death — Zeb Ejiro

Zeb Ejiro, a renowned director, “should be the one who will most likely struggle to forget the tragic death of Nollywood actor Obinna Nwafor, also known as Saint Obi.”

In reality, since the tragic news of Saint Obi’s passing spread like wildfire on the internet last Saturday, “Ejiro has been remembering the times when the deceased’s path and his crossed.” Source stated.

Destiny and work, according to the sheikh of Nollywood, “brought them together, and Obi has never left Ejiro’s side since.” Vanguard reported.

According to Vanguard, “The renowned director recounted meeting Saint Obi while he was preparing to film his 1998 HIV/AIDS awareness film, “Goodbye Tomorrow,” which is about the disease.”

“The film, which was supported in part by the Federal Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, WHO, was one of Ejiro’s biggest movies ever.” Source stated.

According to Ejiro, “RMD was set to portray the lead character (Mark Alade) in the film, but with only two weeks left in the schedule for filming, the legendary actor tragically lost his irreplaceable wife, Mee, to the cold, cruel hands of death. Saint Obi had the opportunity to flourish in this circumstance because RMD had suggested him to Ejiro.”

Vanguard further reported, When asked about how the two of them met, Ejiro recalled, “We had finished casting and were getting ready to hit the location when a tall handsome young man walked into my office in Surulere.”

Source: vanguard

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