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One year later, we have forgotten Deborah – Rufai

Rufai Oseni, a presenter on Arise TV, expressed his disappointment on Twitter regarding people’s tendency to quickly forget about tragic events, specifically referring to the death of Deborah in Sokoto state. Deborah was a victim of religious differences and extremism, and Rufai believes it is too soon to overlook her tragic fate.

In his tweet, Rufai Oseni stated, “It’s been one year, but we have already forgotten Deborah.”


Following his statement, several individuals shared their reactions:

“I actually remembered this incident yesterday while discussing it with my colleague on our way home from work. Why haven’t we heard any updates on the case?”

“It’s disheartening that even after one year, the perpetrators of the heinous crime against Harira, the unborn child, and four children in Onitsha, Anambra State, are still free. Mr Oseni, every life is valuable, regardless of their social status.”

“We are still questioning Atiku for deleting his tweet about Deborah’s death. It seems the Hausa community did not support him enough on Election Day.”

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