Nigerian Music Producer Reveals Who To Be Blamed For ‘Killing In Nigeria’

Nigerian Music Producer Reveals Who To Be Blamed For ‘Killing In Nigeria’

John Oboh, alias Mighty Mouse, a music producer, director, and musician, has accused foreign firearm and ammunition manufacturers of killing innocent Nigerians in Nigeria and Africa.

As a result, he has asked African leaders to band together and condemn countries suspected of arming and supporting terrorists.

Oboh, who recently changed his stage name to Lion King John, blamed Western countries for Africa’s bloodshed, claiming that their weapons encouraged terrorists and kidnappers.

In an interview, the Edo-state native lamented the negative impact of terrorists and kidnappers on Nigeria’s and Africa’s socioeconomic growth, stating that “where there is violence, there will be fewer investments.”

“That is why I am putting the blame on the manufacturers of arms and ammunition that are making Africa poorer every day”.

King John, who has produced several popular artists, stated that his current track reflects African realities.

According to Vanguard, he said, “If you go round Africa today, you will know that our land is the most fertile. God has blessed Africa with abundant mineral resources. And in the reproductive circle, Africans reproduce more than even the South Americans.”

“But Africans are presently living in bondage because foreigners came to Africa with their ideologies and philosophies and set Africans against themselves. We want peace and unity. Let Africans come together and make collective decisions that are of the interest of Africans.”

“If we take away weapons from the African society, Africans will have means to negotiate for themselves. These weapons normally get into the hands of hooligans such as terrorists and kidnappers.”

“Tell me, where did militants in Niger Delta and Boko Haram get their guns from? How did armed robbers and unknown gunmen get their guns? Those guns were not manufactured here in Nigeria or Africa. They were manufactured in the western world which has its syndicates in every country in Africa, thereby sucking away our resources and money.”

“Unfortunately, African leaders are acting as if they cannot identify or understand what has been happening? It’s obvious for everyone to see that many Nigerians have been murdered . Scores of Chibok girls who were kidnapped some years ago are still in captivity. Some of them were impregnated, some were set free after giving birth to one or two children for the terrorists.”

“The African government should mop up arms from terrorists, kidnappers and armed robbers . Nobody has the right to take another’s life. Killing of infants is the most terrible and cruel criminal act. The child has a life and has the right to live. This is why I am hollering today to fight the guns and ammunition manufacturers”, he stated.

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