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My relationship will soon mark one year – Nkechi Blessing mocks witches

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has mocked detractors of her romantic involvement with her partner, asserting that their relationship has endured and will soon reach its one-year milestone.

Nkechi Blessing, referring to her adversaries as sorcerers, expressed bewilderment at their constant surprise whenever she posts something about her relationship on social media. She pondered their persistent disbelief in their enduring relationship.

09e4a91fd313491a96e16de8b98f5574?quality=uhq&resize=720The contentious actress asserted that those anticipating the end of her relationship would have an eternal wait. In her own words, “Do you witches ever get tired?

It’s amusing how, whenever I share a photo of me and my man, sorcerers begin leaving comments as if we’ll soon be at odds. I hope you won’t end up being the ones to expose each other’s secrets on Instagram.”

49d39135664148c59d1d359d14f62af1?quality=uhq&resize=720It’s truly amusing because it’s still you who confidently declared, “Give them three months.”

Dear sorcerers, in just a few months, it will be one year. This relationship has endured its most challenging moments. It’s quite comical to admit that we used to argue almost every week, yet we refuse to let go of each other.

7239b72fb38147f380dc88fc354d62e4?quality=uhq&resize=720Although I hope you witches have a long wait ahead, I can sense the frustration burning in your chests from here. May you all be disappointed.”

Recall how the provocative Nigerian actress cautioned her fellow industry members about the perils of keeping their romantic affairs private, as it could ultimately result in heartbreak.

d97c83b1618146cd99b008d3e7b79386?quality=uhq&resize=720The renowned actress, who is recognized for showcasing her current partner on social media, indirectly criticized those who prefer to keep their boyfriends hidden from public scrutiny.

Nkechi Blessing stated that a lot of people are in relationships with unworthy partners solely to safeguard their privacy.

873f863ae6e341789f79751d90e939ff?quality=uhq&resize=720Regrettably, they are oblivious to the fact that their partners, who are content with this idea, may be engaging in secret relationships with their friends.

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