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It’s still like a dream to me – Actress Chioma Chijioke-Anosike mourns death of her husband

Chioma Chijioke-Anosike, the Nollywood actress, has expressed her anguish regarding the challenges she faces following the demise of her spouse, Kingsley Anosike, more than three months ago.

Chioma revealed that the reality of enduring several months without her beloved partner still seems surreal to her.

5289ae52884b4e9b88ef246c697678e1?quality=uhq&resize=720The sorrowful widow resorted to social media to express her heartfelt sorrow, recounting the hardships she has encountered in the absence of her husband. She mentioned that today marks precisely one month since she laid him to rest.

In a poignant display of her mourning, she posted a video of herself wearing a white cloth and having her hair shaved.

b77c7977929549beb7023c97f2060d51?quality=uhq&resize=720In her caption, she said, “Today marks the precise one-month remembrance of laying my husband to rest, and it continues to feel like an unreal experience.

I yearn for the moment when I can awaken and discover that my present circumstances contradict the harsh reality that surrounds me. Regrettably, sleep eludes me, and my stark reality persists incessantly.”

87a5ed2db5f24aa2a2cec729726701b2?quality=uhq&resize=720Undeniably, I have been bereaved of the partner I cherished from my early years, taken away by the merciless grip of death. The thought of carrying on with life in the absence of my beloved is utterly inconceivable.

“Oh, death, you are undeniably a robber! In an instant, you snatched away one of my dearest treasures, and I am left defenseless against you. In describing my broken heart, words fall short of conveying the overwhelming emotions I am experiencing.

dbde6d5e1c6d423bbe14f23eb0c1ca0c?quality=uhq&resize=720There exists a void within my heart that remains unfillable.” “I constantly yearn for someone to jolt me awake, but alas, if only dreams could manifest into reality.

It seems as if my entire world has crumbled, yet I must acknowledge that it hasn’t completely ended, for I am still alive, striving to gather the fragments of my being that remain. By the boundless grace of God and the intervention of the blessed Mary, I will persevere.

319ce38195544bd4b5a5116833209aff?quality=uhq&resize=720Despite the temptation to question God about the reasons, I recognize that He knows and orchestrates what is ultimately best. Rest peacefully until we reunite once more.”

Chioma Chijioke’s colleagues also expressed their condolences in the comments section. Destiny Etiko conveyed, “May His abundant grace be more than enough for you, my dear.”

701ba862591a4939ad578c491c287b1c?quality=uhq&resize=720Anita Joseph shared, “Everything will be alright. Take heart, my love.” Lizzy reassured Chioma, saying, “You will overcome this, Chioma. You will be fine.”

The news of actor and filmmaker Kingsley Anosike’s death on February 17th stunned a lot of Nigerians, including actor Emeka Okoye, who expressed that it was a big blow to the film industry.

a1914e5a24f4453abeb82f20becb48c0?quality=uhq&resize=720Emeka took to his Instagram page to extend his prayers to Kingsley’s family and recall his recent interaction with the late director.

He shared, “I still find it difficult to believe that just a few days ago, we were discussing equipment rentals in Asaba. Unbelievable.”

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