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It Is Something You Have Accepted, Why Are You Angry? – Blessing CEO To 2face’s Wife, Annie Idibia

Relationship therapist and expert Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has shared her thoughts on a viral video featuring Nigerian singer 2face Idibia, where he seemingly justifies cheating in front of his wife, Annie Idibia.

Blessing CEO expressed her opinion, noting that Annie Idibia has already made the choice to accept 2face for who he is. However, she found it puzzling that Annie still gets offended when people discuss her husband’s infidelity. Blessing CEO expected Annie to have moved past those issues and not feel disrespected when 2face openly talks about things she has already accepted. She further questioned why Annie would be upset about 2face expressing his truth.

In her words, Blessing CEO stated, “This is something you have accepted, this is something you have consented to. You’ve been with him for years. He did not marry another wife. But he is saying his truth. Cheating might not be applicable to every man, but 2face says it’s applicable to him. Why are you angry?”

The relationship expert also advised women to publicly acknowledge and own the things they have privately accepted in their marriages. She urged them to refrain from feeling disrespected about those aspects because they had already embraced them from the beginning.

The Blessing CEO’s perspective sheds light on the dynamics of relationships and the importance of understanding and accepting certain aspects of a partner’s behavior. She encourages individuals to have open conversations about their expectations and boundaries to foster healthier relationships. Ultimately, her advice emphasizes the need for honesty and self-awareness within marriages.

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