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“I Can’t Marry A Nollywood Actress; My Wife Should Stay At Home & Raise Our Kids” – Daddy Freeze

In a recent live broadcast on Facebook, Daddy Freeze spoke about the kind of woman he would love to have as a wife after speaking about the death of Saint Obi, a veteran Nollywood Actor.

Daddy Freeze said, “personally, I can’t marry a Nollywood actress. I am this kind of man who can’t marry a woman who is not always at home. I will love to have a wife who will stay at home and raise our kids.” He added, “this does not mean my wife will not have a career, just that I prefer a woman who will always put her family first before anything else.”

Speaking further, Daddy Freeze said, “also, I can’t marry a woman that is everywhere on social media. I am not like Jay Z who married Beyonce. Marrying a celebrity is a deal breaker for me. Many people who are following me cannot even deal with marrying a man working in the media.”

Daddy Freeze again said, “the major reason why many marriages of celebrities don’t last is because their partners cannot deal with them. If Beyonce can quit her career and stay with me in Lekki, I can marry her.”

Lastly, Daddy Freeze said, “personally, there are many jobs that would pay me a lot more but I decided to work from home because I want to be around with my children. I built my business around my home in order to take care of my kids.”

What are your thoughts about this?

To watch the full video, CLICK Here (between 20th – 24th minutes).

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