Big Brother Naija Reunion: “You were with somebody downstairs and you were professing to another girl upstairs” – Phyna to Groovy

Big Brother Naija Reunion:

During the Big Brother Naija reunion show, Phyna, one of the leveled-up housemates, confronted Groovy for denying that he was using her as part of a game in the house. Phyna pointed out that she realized it was a game because Groovy was involved with someone downstairs while professing his feelings to another girl upstairs.


Phyna disclosed that she caught Groovy confessing his interest in Chomzy to Daniella while they were still together. According to her, Daniella advised him to wait until they left the house before expressing his feelings to Chomzy, so he should just pretend with Phyna.

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She explained, “I became aware that it was a game when he went upstairs. How can he claim to be with someone downstairs and yet profess his feelings to another girl upstairs? Furthermore, during one of the parties, he asked Daniella to keep an eye on me because he didn’t know what he would do upstairs. When I confronted him about it, he questioned Daniella, asking why she revealed the ‘bro code’ to me. Additionally, I saw a clip where he admitted to Daniella that he liked Chomzy, and Daniella responded by saying, ‘Okay, since you’re with Phyna now, you can pursue a relationship with Chomzy once you’re outside.'”

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