“With The Unfolding Events In Our Country Today, I Think Ruto Has Made History” Ekuru Aukot Says


Former Presidential aspirant Dr Ekuru Aukot has said that president William Ruto might become a one term president.


He claimed that president William Ruto is working tirelessly with his style of leadership to be a one term president.

“With the unfolding events in our Country today, I think president William Ruto has made history;


1. He is the longest serving political figure than even Raila Odinga and former president Uhuru Kenyatta. Value yet to be seen.

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2. The man rose from a chicken seller to presidency;

3. Held powerful dockets in 3 regimes Moi, Kibaki, and Kenyatta.

4. Defeated the fake Kenyan “dynasties”

5. Borrowed in a record time KES 1.2 trillion in 8 months; and lastly, and most importantly,Working very hard with his style of leadership to be a one term president”. Said Hon. Ekuru Aukot.

It’s now a matter of wait and see what happens in the coming days if you his prediction will come to pass or not.

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