UDA Reveals Tactical Plans Ahead Of 2027 Elections

UDA Reveals Tactical Plans Ahead Of 2027 Elections

The news of a mega party forming for the 2027 General Election was music to the ears of political enthusiasts and novices alike.

With 7 out of 13 parties already agreeing to the merger, the UDA had made considerable progress in its quest for a united front.


Despite the excitement surrounding this announcement, some were skeptical about the intentions of the UDA.

This skepticism only grew when news broke that their Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, had been appointed to the Cabinet. Critics accused him of trading his ideals for a position of power.

In a recent interview with Nation, Mr. Malala sought to set the record straight.

He stated that his inclusion in the Cabinet was not a deviation from his party’s objectives but rather a way to ensure that their campaign promises were met.8ab1a50a65494dd7a2bfac2cc2715aa7?quality=uhq&resize=720

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According to him, this was a strategic move that would enable him to keep a close eye on government affairs and hold the ruling party accountable for any lapses.

As for the mega party, Mr. Malala reiterated that the plan was still very much on. With only six parties left to make a decision, he remained confident that they would come on board and together, they would be a formidable force come the 2027 elections.

He emphasized that the formation of a mega party was not about power-hungry politicians seeking personal gain but rather about the people’s welfare.

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He added that this was the time for unity and collaboration in the political arena and that the mega party would be a testament to this.

As the country awaited the formation of the mega party, Mr. Malala’s words served as a reminder of the importance of having a strong and united opposition.

With the ruling party seemingly at the helm, it was vital for other parties to come together and present a viable alternative to the Kenyan people.

For many, the formation of the mega party was a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak political landscape.


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