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“That’s What I Would Have Contributed Alone” Ichungwah Lectures 100 Azimio MPs for Contributing 1.5M

The Kikuyu member of Parliament Kimani Ichungwah has lectured the 100 Azimio MPs for contributing only 1.5 million to the victims of Police brutality. He has expressed shocker that, a total of 100 Azimio MPs can contribute such small amount of money yet they want to support their supporters so that they get into power.

The Kikuyu MP is clear that what the MPs have contributed is what he could have given singlehandedly. He is clear that, the Azimio leaders are hypocrites and they have no interest for the lives of ordinary citizens.

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Here is a link: https://twitter.com/Kenyans/status/1684920563993624576?t=H8QV_BZ99sXV3KRmqdpPdA&s=19



Ichungwah has also lectured the billionaires like Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for contributing only one million to the victims of Police brutality. He is clear that, the Azimio leaders are dancing on the lives of the victims of violence and are seeking to benefit through them.

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Ichungwah has also wondered of why Martha Karua only contributed Ksh 200, 000 yet she has been at the forefront leading people to protests. He wants Kenyans to open their eyes and understand the hypocrisy in Azimio leadership.

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