“Subsidy is Subsidy” Angry Kenyans Tell Off Dennis Itumbi After Fuel Subsidy Break Down


After alleged reinstatement of Fuel subsidy , and uproar from Kenyans for Kenya’s government going Uhuru’s way despite fiercely opposing him. Dennis Itumbi has come out strongly to defend the subsidy .

Itumbi says the move was stabilization fund and not subsidy , he made it clear that the Ruto’s government was not going subsidy way.


“President William Samoei Ruto was clear there will be no SUBSIDY on Consumption. The fact that pump prices have not changed today is consistent with the policy pronouncements of the Kenya Kwanza Administration, ” Itumbi said.

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” THE GOVERNMENT has not applied any EXCHEQUER funding which would be a SUBSIDY, but simply given back to Kenyans their money which we have collected from them in the past in the form of a levy, ” he added.

However his claims were quickly countered by most of his followers who noted that he was just changing the name of subsidy .

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“What are you struggling to explain ghost worker? The fact is it’s a subsidy. There’s nothing wrong to subsidize a commodity. We need more subsidies to cushion us further. The fuel prices should be where it was before,”


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