Strathmore University launches data-driven agri-food innovation centre

Strathmore University launches data-driven agri-food innovation centre

Strathmore University has launched the Strathmore Agri-Food Innovation Centre (SAFIC), a pioneering initiative aimed at driving sustainable agricultural growth and innovation across Africa through data-driven solutions and private-sector collaboration.

Despite its c******l role, addressing data gaps for informed decision-making remains a challenge in the agri-business sector. SAFIC emerges as a beacon of change, c*mmitted to co-designing evidence-based interventions that foster sustainable agricultural growth and innovation.


Du**ng the launch, SAFIC demonstrated its pivotal role in driving private sector-led, government-supported, and farmer-centric agricultural transformation, and leaders from various sectors acknowledged SAFIC’s c*mmitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the agri-food industry.

The launch also emphasized the c******l need for multi-sectoral collaboration in bridging data gaps and providing evidence-based decision support. It highlighted the es**blishment of the C*mmunity of Practice (CoP) on Agri Markets Data for Investment & Growth (AMDIG) and showcased SAFIC’s dedication to facilitating knowledge sharing and partnerships.

SAFIC signing an MoU with AGRA. PHOTO/Strathmore University

Principal Investigator of the Strathmore Agri-Food Innovation Centre Prof. Simon Wagura Nderitu said; “At SAFIC, we recognize the transformative potential of data-driven solutions in unlocking the full capacity of agriculture. Our aim is to enhance visibility and efficiency across the agricultural value chain, bridging gaps between stakeholders and facilitating informed decision-making.”

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The creation of the centre further showcased the c*mmitment to developing tailored business advisory services that empower small-scale agri-businesses to scale and thrive. Attendees learned about innovative approaches aimed at enhancing market access, risk management strategies, and capacity development for sustainable growth.

Du**ng his keynote address at the launch, the Agricultural C*mmittee chairman in the National A*sembly, Dr. John Kanyuithia Mutunga, emphasized the c******l role of credible data in shaping policy decisions for enhanced market linkages within the agricultural and livestock sector.

“Today’s launch of SAFIC is timely, emphasizing its potential to drive evidence-based decision-making and foster transformative developments across agricultural markets,” Dr. Mutunga said.

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Central to SAFIC’s mission is the es**blishment of a C*mmunity of Practice (CoP) on Agri Markets Data for Investment & Growth (AMDIG), fostering knowledge sharing and partnerships among government ent*ties, private sector players, producers, research inst*tutions, and development partners.

Vice Chancellor of Strathmore University Dr. Vincent Ogutu, a*sured attendees that Strathmore is a trusted partner c*mmitted to giving back to the c*mmunity. He expressed his delight that the centre wi*l not only create value for the country but also for the continent at large.

“The launch of SAFIC and the AMDIG CoP represents a collective effort tow*rds sustainable inclusive agricultural transformation. We invite stakeholders to join us in co-developing solutions, exchanging best practices, and charting a course tow*rds resilient and innovative food systems in Africa,” Dr. Ogutu said.

Agriculture is the backbone of Africa’s economic development, providing livelihoods and ensu**ng food security for mi*lions.