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Ruto responds to calls for him to resign, warns foreigners sponsoring Gen Z demos

President William Ruto has sent a strong message to his political detractors and those asking him to step aside due to a recent series of protests witnessed in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, President Ruto explained that Kenya is a democratic country where electorates have the final say in deciding who will lead the country.

The Head of State thus challenged those eyeing his position to prepare for a contest in the 2027 General Election. He affirmed that it would be a duel which will be determined by the voters.

“Hapo 2027 tutafanya mtihani na hawa wananchi. So hakuna haja ya kusumbuana hapa katikati, wacha tungojee hii mtihani tuone nani wa kupita, nani wa kuanguka (In 2027, we will be put to test by these people, so there is no need of disturbing one another. Let us wait wait for the test and see who will excel and who will fail),” Ruto stated.

President William Ruto and Kenyan legislators at KICC during assenting of Bill. PHOTO/@WilliamsRuto/X

Nonetheless, Ruto announced that he is ready to face the electorates in a bid to defend his government and secure a second term.

“Sisi ni nchi ya demokrasia na katika demokrasia ni wananchi ndio wanaamua katika uchaguzi so kila mtu ajipange. Mimi najipanga. Hii uchaguzi tutakutana (We are a democratic country and in any democracy, the people determine who leaders through an election, so let everyone prepare for that. I have already prepared myself and we will meet during the elections), Ruto affirmed.

Caution over chaos

Ruto, however, warned Kenyans to be weary of those who want to annihilate the country by wreaking havoc. He asked the citizens to be cautious and shun politics that tends to disturb peace.


“Ile kitu nataka kuwauliza sisi wakenya ni tusikubali nchi yetu iharibike ama tulete fujo ama mambo ambayo itaharibu amani ya taifa yetu ya Kenya ( What I want to ask you is that we should our country be destroyed by chaos),” Ruto cautioned.

President Ruto engages the youth on X Space on July 5, 2024. PHOTO/@WilliamsRuto/X
President Ruto engages the youth on X Space on July 5, 2024. PHOTO/@WilliamsRuto/X

Warning to those abroad

At the same time, President Ruto pointed an accusing finger to some foreign powers trying to destabilise his administration.

He, however, warned unnamed individuals against running schemes aimed at discrediting him and causing division in the country.

President Ruto told those who he said are based outside Kenya to understand that the country is governed by principles of democracy.

“Na wale wanajaribu kupanga panga mambo kule ng’ambo nataka niwaambie Kenya is a democratic nation ( Those who are trying to make some plans from abroad, I want to tell you that Kenya is a democratic nation),” Ruto affirmed.

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