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Raila’s Message To Kenyan Sparks Reactions Online

Azimio La Umoja One Coalition leader Raila Odinga has stated that, Those killed and arrested by Ruto are martyrs and political prisoners.

Thank you for standing for the voiceless; true statesmanship. Kenya owes you.

In these challenging times, we must remember that our strength lies in our togetherness. Let’s prioritize peace, respectful dialogue, and understanding.

By listening to diverse perspectives and seeking common ground, we can foster an environment of tolerance and respect. Violence would solve a thing.

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Another netizen has alleged, Thirsty for blood.Continue sacrificing your fellow Luos for your own political expediency. No handshake this time round and using back door into government.

ICC is knocking at your door. And God is watching and will repay you in due time. Kenyans are tired of your games.

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You mobilize and transport goons to cause chaos in different parts of nyanza and nairobi to look like you are leading a serious revolt then issue press statements pretending to be innocent. Government knows your trick. Enough is enough.


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