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President Kenyatta, DP Ruto meet eye to eye in 1st Cabinet meeting in 1 year [Photos]

This is claimed to be the primary Cabinet meeting in a year and was attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta is today, at State House, Nairobi, chairing a full Cabinet Meeting during which several matters of national and international importance will be discussed,” learn an announcement from State House.


This is the primary time Uhuru – Ruto are seeing eye to eye since their fallout just lately performed out in public, including gasoline to an already strained relationship.

He (DP Ruto) was invited and he is attending,” The DP’s Director of Communications Emmanuel Talam confirmed.

In their current public spat, President Kenyatta accused Ruto of absonding obligation throughout his Labour Day speech.

Uhuru went on to state that he had discovered solace in working with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, regardless of their political variations.

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“Wakati umefika lazima watu waambiane ukweli. Wewe unajua hii shida si ya mtu, ulikuwa wapi wakati nakuhitaji? Na ndio nashukuru huyu Mzee at least hata kama alikuwa na mambo yake lakini alikuja kunisaidia. Na hiyo ndio ukweli,” Uhuru said.

He added that Tanga Tanga politicians who had been maligning the federal government at public rallies amounted to inciting Kenyans terming his deputy as a nasty chief, with no actual options to supply.

“Wengine wanaenda huko ku-incite wananchi… badala ya kuja kuniambia nikona njia hii, na hii, badala ya kunipa mawaidha, vile tunavyoweza kujiokoa, wewe uko katika soko, ni matusi na wewe unajiita kiongozi…ati umejiweka kiongozi namba ngapi katika serikali. Uko wapi? Badala ya kunisaidia kuondoa hiyo shida, wewe uko katika soko unasema ulizeni yule. Basi si ungewacha, nijitafutie mtu wa kunisaidia?” he said.

DP Ruto didn’t waste time in responding to his boss. In a terse assertion laced with sarcasm and posted on-line, he alleged that the president is in ache after being let down by the individuals he trusted and those that edged him (Ruto) out of presidency following the March 2018 handshake.

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The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate castigated the federal government for allegedly failing on the Big 4 Agenda and asserted that he was keen to help when known as upon and had not deserted his duties as alleged.

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