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Pemba Community Have Been Awarded Citizenship By President Ruto Accordance Constitution Chapter 3

A historic, momentous and happy day for members of the Pemba Community who reside in the Coastal region of our Republic as His Excellency President William Ruto awarded them Citizenship in accordance with Chapter Three (3) of Constitution as read together with Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011. 

The citizenship journey for more than 7,000 members of the Pemba Community, who are revered fishermen, came to fruition on 12th December 2022, as the Nation marked 58 years of Independence when President William Ruto issued a directive on State recognition of the Pemba Community. 

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Members of the Pemba Community will now access critical documents such as birth certificates, national identity cards, and passports that will enable them to fully access key services and, in return, bolster their economic growth and development. 


The Government, through the guidance of President William Ruto, is committed to ending the indignity of statelessness by recognising and processing the Citizenship of members of the public who remain stateless, in line with the Global action plan to end statelessness by 2024.

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