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Nandi: Teacher arrested for defiling Grade 7 pupil in maize plantation

A 38-year-old Junior secondary school teacher has been arrested for allegedly defiling a grade seven pupil in the Soba location in Nandi county.

The incident is said to have happened at around 7 pm on Tuesday, June 28, 2023.

The matter was reported to the Songhor police station and booked under – OB NO /5/28/6/2023.

Soba chief William Lulei confirmed the arrest.

According to the officer, the teacher allegedly defiled the pupil in a nearby maize plantation while she was coming from a posho mill.

“The girl had been sent to grind maize in a nearby posho mill and while on the way back home, she met the teacher who was riding a motorcycle. The teacher parked his motorcycle and forcefully grabbed the pupil and dragged her into the nearby maize farm where he defiled her. The flour which was in the bag was also poured all over during the struggle,” the chief said.

Songhor Police Station in Tinderet, Nandi county. PHOTO/Isaiah Cheruiyot

“Our investigations have shown that the suspect is a junior secondary school teacher at Sigoria school who was promoted recently to JSS from Samutet primary school. We arrested him today at 6 am while sleeping in his house and took him with other security agents to Songhor police station,” Lulei added.

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After the incident, the pupil was taken to Meteitei sub-county hospital for a check-up as investigations into the matter began.

“The suspect is being held at the police station awaiting arraignment in court,” the chief said.

The chief added that the suspect narrowly escaped a mob as angry residents were baying for his blood after defiling the minor.

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“We had a rough time as over 100 angry residents wanted to lynch the suspect but we took cover with other police officers and took the suspect to the police station,” the chief said.

Nandi residents had been decrying rising cases of defilement in the region.

The chief used the opportunity while speaking to K24 Digital to advise the locals to report such cases to the police whenever it occurs

“As local administrators, we will not hesitate to arrest the perpetrators of such acts and bring them to book. We advise parents as well as residents not to stop reporting such defilement cases to our offices when it happens, we will deal with them without fear nor favour,” the chief said.

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