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MP Gikaria, wife apologize over Finance Bill 2024 as they don ‘I am sorry’ branded t-shirts

Nakuru Town East Member of Parliament (MP) David Gikaria and his wife Violet Nzisa Katua in a surprising move have taken a unique approach to express his regret for supporting the Finance Bill 2024.

On Friday, June 28, 2024, Gikaria and his wife’s photos rocking white matchy t-shirts with an ‘I am sorry’ message printed on them, resurfaced setting social media ablaze.

Gikaria’s unconventional approach to acknowledging his support for the Finance Bill 2024 has garnered attention and sparked discussions among netizens.

“I am sorry, Please forgive me for not listening to you in rejecting the finance bill,” Gikaria’s t-shirt read.

On the other hand, Nzisa was seen in full support of  her husband and wore a similar t-shirt that read; “He is sorry, Please forgive him.”

Gikaria’s move comes days after a few politicians also flocked the interwebs with their apologies for voting in favour of passing the Finance Bill 2024.

Following President William Ruto’s announcement that he would not sign the Finance Bill 2024 into law, Turkana Central MP Joseph Namuar apologized to angry residents for voting in favour of it.

In a statement, Namuar, who is a strong United Democratic Party (UDA) affiliate, while issuing his apology said that President Ruto’s refusal to sign the Bill into law opened the door for dialogue.

“I laud him for the leadership he has exhibited today to show Kenyans that he can listen to their views. If there is a way we did wrong for those of us who voted yes, we ask for your forgiveness. Also as your (President Ruto) footsoldiers, we ask for forgiveness on your behalf.” Namuar said.

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As nationwide protests escalated with demonstrators even breaching Parliament in the capital. Things took a turn for the worst just minutes after legislators voted 195 to 106 in favour of the tax bill, which protesters argued would increase the cost of living by imposing punitive taxes.

In contrast, National Assembly Majority Whip Silvanus Osoro revealed he would not apologize for voting yes to the controversial Finance Bill 2024, adding that if it was brought back to the house, he would still support it.

“Ground check!!..just told my people, that I simply respected H.E. the president’s decision but I DID NOT agree with him. Yaani, kama ni leo ilikuwa ukuje bunge,bado ninge-VOTE YEEES! Osoro exclaimed.

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