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Mombasa judge orders fundraiser for guilty couple who stole food to feed children

Saumu Ali and Evans Odhiambo have been accused of stealing the flour price Sh1,980 from Grain Industries Ltd on April 13 at Shimanzi space in Mvita, ​​opposite to part 268 (1) of the penal code.

Principal Justice of the Peace Vincent Adet in his ruling, pardoned Saumu Ali and Evans Odhiambo saying he had thought of the probation report offered to the court docket.

The judge added that the couple’s scenario was a transferring one, proposing that the court docket holds a mini fundraiser for the couple to have the ability to feed their three children.

”On humanitarian grounds, particularly for the primary accused particular person, I’ve thought of the circumstances beneath which the offence was dedicated and I sympathize together with her scenario, with three youngsters beneath her care and no supply of revenue and am of the view that lets purchase her a bale of wheat flour and a few meat for right now,” Adet mentioned.

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Saumu is an off-the-cuff employee whereas her husband is a scrap steel supplier whose enterprise deteriorated after president Kenyatta ordered a ban on scrap steel enterprise. The couple mentioned that they had been compelled to steal to have the ability to feed their children.

The judge started the contribution giving sh1000 and requested all these current within the court docket to contribute something to assist the couple and their household.

Mombasa gubernatorial aspirant Mike Mbuvi reacting to the information mentioned he was going to assist the household by the Sonko rescue staff including that one of the simplest ways for most households to be impartial was by creating extra job alternatives.

“Najua ni familia nyingi ziko na shida juu ya Umaskini, ukosefu wa kazi na hali ngumu za kiuchumi kwa sasa as SRT we shall support the family. But suluhisho ni kuhakikisha tunacreate nafasi za kazi nyingi ndio watu wengi waweze kujitegemea,” Sonko wrote on his Instagram.

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