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Mike Muchiri: Content Creator Released 2 Hours After Arrest

He was interacting with fans and followers around Kasarani during an Instagram LIVE session when he was arrested.

Popular content creator Muchiri Mike has announced that he has been released, almost two hours after alerting his social media users that he was arrested.

The comedian and singer, who has been massively active throughout the anti-government demos, and who has not hidden his disdain for the current political atmosphere, was interacting with fans and followers around Kasarani during an Instagram LIVE session when he was arrested.

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Muchiri then took to X to alert his followers “They are arresting me at Kasarani.” However, he did not give the particulars of the arrest, including who was behind it and why they were arresting him.

Before the connection dropped he claimed that people he identified as security officers had been trailing him from Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) and stopped him at Kasarani.

A poster calling for the release of content creator, Mike Muchiri. /NYANDIA GACHAGO.X

A short video shared by someone who was virtually following the drama showed Muchiri seated in his car as a song played while a uniformed male police officer was spotted outside.

At that point, Muchiri then quickly turned to the camera, saying, “Wamenisimamisha hapa (They stopped me at) Kasarani Police Station… And they are trying to..” a video that cut all of a sudden and buffered for a few seconds before going off.

Fellow content creator Esther Kazungu confirmed the arrest but asked fans to wait for the full version of the story before jumping to conclusions, adding that she was following up on the matter.


“Mike’s been arrested and it’s unclear whether it’s a traffic offence or the government doing government things,” she wrote. 

Activist Boniface Mwangi also raised awareness about the influencer’s detention, stating that “Mike Muchiri is currently being held by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations at Kasarani Police Station.”

“We should go there in solidarity, and ask for the reasons for his arrest. Today is Mike, tomorrow it will be me or you. Don’t let your silence make you think you’re safe. Nobody is safe,” he rallied social media users who subsequently demanded his release.

Muchiri then took to X in the afternoon stating that he was with a number of lawyers but he was okay. Lawyer Steven Mbugua confirmed in a statement that he was with other lawyers at Kasarani Police Station to provide Muchiri with legal support. 

Mwangi then announced that Muchiri was set free by the police. Muchiri, in a video shared by the activist, stated “I am free, I am okay.”

Muchiri’s arrest at Kasarani adds to the growing list of detentions and abductions of individuals who have been vocal about their opposition to the government’s proposed financial policies, including the Finance Bill 2024 which sought to introduce a raft of punitive taxes.

His detainment underscores the escalating tensions between the authorities and the Kenyan youth, who were persistent in their push for accountability.

Human rights organizations and civil society groups have continued to condemn these arrests and abductions, calling for the government to respect the constitutional rights of its citizens.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Tuesday, July 9 vowed to take action against individuals reported to be responsible for the wave of abductions during the recent anti-government protests.

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“All persons within the territory of Kenya are protected from unlawful or arbitrary arrests, abductions, enforced disappearances or any other illegal method of confining suspected criminals for purposes of investigations for prosecution or for whatever purpose whatsoever,” Kindiki stated in part.

“The Government reiterates its duty to respect and ensure the protection of all constitutionally guaranteed rights and will not condone any violation whether perpetuated by security personnel or by public or private persons.”

An image of Kasarani Police Station. /FILE



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