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LSK president confirms safe return of 2 comrades abducted, dumped at unknown locations

President of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Faith Odhiambo has confirmed the safe return of two comrades who were abducted and dumped at unknown locations, with the incident occurring on Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

As seen through her X account on June 28, 2024, Faith stated that the two individuals who were Joshua Okayo and Regis Wanjala, were abducted on the same day but both were found at different locations.

We have confirmation that two comrades have been dumped at unknown locations after their abductions. Joshua Okayo @okayojoshua was dumped somewhere in Murang’a after being abducted in Rongai on Wednesday. Regis Wanjala who was abducted on the same day was also found dumped in a tea plantation in Ruiru,” Faith remarked.

Following the ordeal, Faith confirmed that Okayo and Wanjala were recovering and receiving medical attention.

LSK president Faith Odhiambo. PHOTO / @FaithOdhiambo8 / X

Further, Faith reassured that she would be at the forefront of fighting the injustice caused by police during the recent protests.

“The two are safe but currently receiving medical attention and are still shaken up from the ordeal. We shall find recourse for these unfortunate actions of the police. Justice be our shield and defender,” Faith added.

Over the past few weeks, Faith has been at the forefront of speaking and assisting Kenyans with her legal expertise and shaming legislators for being forceful while dealing with the current protests.

Anti-Finance Bill 2024 Protests

During a recent interview, Odhiambo condemned the August House, stating that it is highly compromised and easily influenced by directives from key government officials.

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Faith highlighted that recent developments have demonstrated that Members of Parliament obey instructions from third parties.

“When they agreed on some of the concessions on the bill, it was done as a party and then announced in parliament. That is highly irresponsible showing there is no independence in parliament. We have MPs who take orders and execute,” Faith said.

In Faith’s opinion, the current parliament is irresponsible and does not properly represent Kenyans.

“This is the most irresponsible parliament that is not representing the people of Kenya. MPs only appear to vote once or twice a year on various government bills,” Faith added.

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