Kindiki Orders Removal of All Roadblocks, Why This Could Backfire According to Kenyans

Kindiki Orders Removal of All Roadblocks, Why This Could Backfire According to Kenyans

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has ordered police officers to remove all roadblocks in the country by November 1. He said that this was in line with President William Ruto’s directive to ease the movement of goods and services and curb corruption. However, some critics have warned that this move could have negative consequences for security and public order. Here is why they are concerned.

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The Rationale Behind Kindiki’s Order

Kindiki announced his order on Thursday, August 24. He said that he was following the president’s instructions to eliminate unnecessary roadblocks that hinder trade and facilitate bribery. He said that the roadblocks had become a source of frustration and harassment for motorists and commuters.120a92368d9343918ed712a452503255?quality=uhq&resize=720

He also said that the government would install CCTV cameras and deploy mobile patrols to monitor the roads. He assured the public that the security agencies would still perform their duties effectively without the roadblocks.

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The Risks of Removing All Roadblocks

However, not everyone is convinced that Kindiki’s order is a wise decision. Some experts and former officials have warned that removing all roadblocks could expose the country to more security threats and lawlessness.




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