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Judiciary Goes After Citizen Tv Kenya For Misreporting On CASs, Ask Them To Do This

Yesterday the judicial ruled out on the case of CAS and they ruled out the position of the CAS is null and void.This means president William Ruto had lost again just some few days after loosing the finance bill case also.

Citizen Tv through their reporter Brenda Wanga at 9pm yesterday,they aired out the news on the judgement made on the CAS case and when giving some report,Brenda Wanga reported that the judiciary had redeemed itself.

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The judiciary also blames the same reporter Brenda Wanga for reporting that the judiciary sworn in the CAS which is very wrong and false.They say she went on and said that the judiciary had been accused of aiding and abetting executive impunity by participating in the swearing in of CAS which has been declared unconstitutional.

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The judiciary has corrected this and said it is misleading and it is meant to discredit the judiciary whose duty is to determine cases as per the law and the constitution and not business of redeeming themselves.

They have asked citizen tv and it’s editorial management to retract the misleading statement while the matter is still pending in court.


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