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I was shot by carjackers -Tim Wanyonyi on how he ended up on a wheelchair

Appearing on JKLIVE, the legislator defined that he was shoot by carjackers someplace in Ngara when he was heading dwelling from work.

“I was shot by Carjackers. One evening when I had just left work and I was going home and some fellows accosted me somewhere in Ngara and shot me and quickly my life transformed from a young vibrant lawyer to a wheelchair. That was in 1998,” MP Tim Wanyonyi defined.

He went on to expound that the restoration course of was by no means simple as he needed to be taught how to manage up with a new life-style – utilizing a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

“It could be very tough to rework from one situation of life to a different one and that’s what can drive you into melancholy and may also lead you into self-denial and plenty of different issues.

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“But when you go through a process of healing it takes quite some time and healing the mind is the most difficult thing. You can heal the wound, they can heal everything but the mind I is very very difficult and once you reach that stage,” he remarked.

“I went to Brussels for rehabilitation and in thee I was in a room for 2 days sleeping. The third day some woman cam and she or he wished to take me out and I stated can’t you see I’m sick…she by no means left, she stood there for nearly two hours till I needed to get out.

“When we left the room we went to the gym and in the gym I saw wonders that people there who had lost all limps, the hands are not functioning, some have lost their memory, they are trying to reconstruct the memory. Then I said to myself, I. better than this people why I’m complaining and that was the begging of my road to recovery,” Tim Wanyonyi stated.

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Upon coming again to Kenya, he went again to his observe as a lawyer however issues have been by no means the identical once more.

“I got here again dwelling and I went to my observe however issues had modified. Nobody was taking a look at me the identical method together with my colleagues at work.

“All my shoppers have been taken away so I will come within the workplace and sit kind morning to night doing nothing. I did that for nearly one 12 months and I instructed my brother (Wetangula) that I was leaving to go and set up my very own observe, he thought I was joking.

“I resigned and left, went and setup my observe and by chance somebody of my shoppers who have been with me there adopted me and stated even when it means carrying you to Court we’re prepared and this are the fellows who gave me the preventing spirit and kind there I have by no means regarded again,” he added.

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