” Hawa Wote Ni Wafuasi Wa Raila? ” See The Number Of People Caught On Camera Following Raila’s Demos


Tension remains high in the country as the opposition government continues leading Kenyans to rebel against Ruto’s leadership. This has been brought as a result of tough economic times together with high taxes that have made life unbearable. The Azimio la Umoja called upon Kenyans to show up for todays demonstrations and as we speak, several videos have been going viral showing how people have responded.

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Nairobi as usual was highly flocked as people showed up in large numbers. Looking at a photo posted by DAP Kenya party, it is clear enough that Kenyans are truly tired. In the video, people are seen following the motorcade as cheers and excitement fill the air. Looking at the road, it can be seen that the whole road is filled with people who are leading while others are behind the motorcade.

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Raila is slowly gaining strength again by maximizing on the disadvantages of Ruto to ensure he beats him in 2027. However, it is not clear whether he will be vying for this seat.

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