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Governor Natembeya’s Legacy, See Photos Of Multimillion Footbridge Project Built By Natembeya

The governor of Trans Nzoia county Hon. George Natembeya together with other high profile leaders hailing from Trans Nzoia are working hard to make Trans Nzoia county a better place.

Photo: Courtesy; Governor George Natembeya in his office in Trans Nzoia County.

Governor Natembeya is currently carrying out many economic development projects at his home county. Some of these projects have already been completed and the public are now enjoying their fruits.

Construction of a footbridge that links two adjacent villages in Trans Nzoia is one of the greatest achievement of governor Natembeya. The multimillion footbridge was launched today by His Excellency governor George Natembeya.

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598c80b4adf141c4b795bf1da665e564?quality=uhq&resize=720The footbridge has been built by high tech metal rails that will last for a longer period of time. The footbridge will increase the mobility of people in the region. The Trans Nzoia county residential will have a very easy time in crossing the river which previously used to be very difficult to cross when the water levels rises.

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Photo: Courtesy; Sideview of the newly constructed footbridge in Trans Nzoia.

Launching of the new footbridge comes barely a day after governor’s George Natembeya announced hiring of 160 agricultural extension officers to support the local farmers and improve farming practices in Trans Nzoia county.


Photo: Courtesy; Front view of the newly constructed footbridge in Trans Nzoia.


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