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Ex-Tourism Federation Chair Mohammed Hersi warns against marching to State House

Former Kenya Tourism Federation chairman Mohammed Hersi has advised protesters planning to march to State House on Thursday, June 27, 2024, against doing so.

In a statement, the hotelier said the calls to occupy State House were ill-advised as President William Ruto had conceded to the calls to reject the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

“I am the father of several Gen Z children and uncle to many. 3 of them were active in these protests. Gen Z, we salute you. Your actions led to a complete rejection of the unpopular Finance Bill and that’s a major win in that people’s voice is what counts and matters,” Hersi said.

He added: “Now any talk of marching to the state house is ill-advised and equally dangerous.”

Hersi advised the protesters to consider using lawful means to obtain justice and fair representation, urging them to focus on pushing for the reconstitution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“Kenya is special. Kenya is not your ordinary African country. Kenya is a land of rule of law. Any march to the state house with a view of removing a duly elected government is considered a coup, and it will not end well,” he said.

March to State House

A section of protesters online have said they will proceed with the Thursday, June 27, 2024, demonstrations even after President William Ruto conceded to their demands to reject the Finance Bill 2024.

However,  a group of activists actively involved in the previous protests have also called against the planned march to the State House.

“Please do not march to State House Let’s honour our fallen comrades, come out in large numbers and donate blood at KNH. The damage is a lot already let’s take care of the ones we have now. Please do not march to the State House,” Hanifa Farsafi said.

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Activist Hanifa during past Occupy Parliament protests. PHOTO/@Honeyfarsafi/X

Similarly, businessman Khalif Kairo stated he would not be participating in the Thursday demos following the decision by Ruto to climb down and reject the Finance Bill 2024.

Kairo called on protesters to stand down and give the government time before deciding which move to take, adding that the protests were largely successful.

“After what happened on Wednesday, I feel we have had a very big win because we have been dealing with an arrogant and inept regime. I feel that we might erode whatever we have achieved if we go to the streets on Thursday,” Kairo advised.

Activist Boniface Mwangi has also advised against proceeding with the Thursday protests and the planned march to State House.

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